Florida School District Pushes Back on EOC Exam’s 30% of Grade Requirement

Florida State FlagLast week the Lee County School Board in Ft. Myers, Florida voted to remove the state end of course exam results from the students’ grades. ┬áFlorida law requires end of course exams to be taken in Algebra I & II, Geometry, Biology, Civics and U.S. History. ┬áState law also requires those tests make up 30% of a student’s grade.

News-Press.com reports:

Board member Jeanne Dozier made the motion to drop the mandated use of end-of-course tests for determining 30 percent of students grades and to only use the results for diagnostic purposes.

The remaining four board members agreed.

The board learned Tuesday that Department of Education doesn’t expect to have the results to schools before December because of validating the tests. The tests have drawn constant criticism from opponents.

How in the world can you hold a student in limbo for several months after taking the test? ┬áThis is simply common sense, but it’s hard to find educrats who will listen to that.

Lee County School Board member Steve Toiber explains the board’s unanimous decision on a local radio station. ┬áListening to Toiber’s interview and news articles about this decision I have to wonder why this district’s school superintendent is still employed. ┬áEvidently doesn’t seem to understand she works for the board, not the other way around.

Lee County in August last year voted to opt-out of assessments and then were later bullied to rescind that decision.