Do States Really Need Federal Guidance for Testing?

Last week acting U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr. released a video to announce that the U.S. Department of Education was going to issue guidance for states and school districts on what can be deemed “an unnecessary test.”

Is he talking to education professionals or kindergarteners?

From a press release the U.S. Department of Education issued:

“High-quality assessments give parents, educators and students useful information about whether students are developing the critical thinking and problem solving skills they need to succeed in life,” said King. “But there has to be a balance, and despite good intentions, there are too many places around the country where the balance still isn’t quite right. We hope this guidance will help restore that balance and give back some of the critical learning time that students need to be successful.”

The guidance outlines how federal dollars may be used to help reduce testing in schools, while still ensuring that educators and parents have the information they need on students’ progress to improve learning. The guidance shines a light on innovative work already happening across the country and provides examples of how states and districts can use their federal funding to explore new strategies for ensuring the use of high-quality, useful and well-constructed assessments, and the elimination of redundant and burdensome assessments.

Whew! I’m not sure what we would have done without this.  Apparently we would never be able to figure this out without guidance from the Feds.

2 thoughts on “Do States Really Need Federal Guidance for Testing?

  1. I was at one of the first Common Core meetings that was presided over by then NY Head of Education, John King. This mans’ incompetence was astounding. He talked to us as if we were morons,He rambled on and on in order to run down the clock and shut down any discussion time from the many concerned parents that were in attendance. And adding insult to it all, he showed his basic racist tendencies because he had the Town of Poughkeepsie Police out in full force to “protect” him from all of us white people. In all of my years attending school board meetings, PTA meetings or any other informational meetings by the local school districts, no matter how contentious, was I ever greeted at the door by such a large police presence. This man was a disaster in NY and now he shows up in Washington? More proof that our President doesn’t choose on ability, but on race.

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