Common Core Assessment Sticker Shock

Politico reports that a PARCC report to be released today guarantees Common Core testing will be more expensive than current state testing.  This just states something we already knew, but it’s nice for them to admit it.

The tests for Common Core standards are almost guaranteed to be more expensive than most existing state tests, according to a report from the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers due for release on Monday. That’s for good reason, a PARCC staffer tells POLITICO Pro: Computer-based tests include plenty of “show your work” questions on the math and English/language arts exam. Answers that require human scoring are more expensive to grade than their multiple-choice counterparts.

The higher costs for this testing will undoubtedly be fodder for tea party activists who are engaged in a state by state fight against Common Core, railing against more federal government involvement in state education standards.

The conundrum for states that might choose to bail: Going their own way could still be more expensive.

They are right that the higher costs of testing will be fodder for tea party activists, but not just tea party activists.  Any taxpayer who cares about fiscal discipline should push back considering many state budgets already are dominated by education spending at a time spending needs to be curbed.

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    1. Not that has been reported. The only figure I’ve heard was from Kansas where they quoted the Kansas House Education Committee at $25 per student per assessment. Kansas currently pays $10 per student per assessment.

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