Colorado State Board of Ed Asks Legislature to Repeal PARCC Mandate

This is the Colorado State Flag, waving in the wind situated on a flag pole. It is set against a blue sky. At the center of the flag is a large capital C.; Shutterstock ID 101672755; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: droneThe Colorado State Board of Education on Thursday asked the legislature to repeal a statute that requires Colorado schools to participate in PARCC.

From the Colorado Department of Education news release highlighting the meeting:

A diverse panel including Susana Cordova, chief academic officer, Denver Public Schools; Bruce Hoyt, St. Charles Capital and board member, Colorado Succeeds; Dr. Steve Jordan, president, Metro State University; Cindee Will, principal, James Irwin Charter School; Ted Bauman, former superintendent, Lewis Palmer School District 38; and Senator Keith King presented supporting and opposing views on the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC). Pursuant to state law, Colorado is a governing member of PARCC, a multi-state assessment consortium developing English language arts and mathematics assessments.  Schools across the state are currently field-testing the PARCC assessments, which are scheduled for implementation in the spring of 2015.

Following the panel presentation and board discussion, the state board voted to request that the General Assembly “restore the authority to the State Board of Education over statewide assessments by repealing during this legislative session, 22-7-1006 (1.5); in so doing, allow Colorado to withdraw as a governing member of PARCC, with the Colorado signatories to the MOU rescinding that agreement with PARCC, thereby allowing the board to direct the commissioner to develop an assessment aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards, for implementation in Spring 2015.”