Chicagoland Mom Upset PARCC Wasn’t Dropped for Grades 3-8


I shared earlier this week that the Illinois State Board of Education dropped PARCC for high school students in favor of SAT. A Chicagoland mom who goes by “MBA Mom” at Chicago Now complains that PARCC wasn’t dropped for 3rd – 8th graders as well.

I don’t blame her. She writes:

That’s great if your kid is in high school. One less test for them to stress over. Plus they can take the SAT for free.

It’s not great if you’re like me, with a child in grades 3 through 8. I have a rising third grader so this year will be my son’s first time taking PARCC unless I figure out a way to opt him out.

Speaking of which, I have learned this in my two years in Illinois: if you want a Facebook post to generate hundreds of comments in the space of a couple of hours, all you have to do is join your town’s moms page and ask, “How do I opt my child out of PARCC?”

This Tribune article sheds more light on the decision with quotes like this one, “At the high school level, the PARCC exams took away from key instruction time, school administrators said.”

Okay, so we’ve now acknowledged PARCC is a waste of time in high school. But by leaving the testing requirement for grades 3 though 8, does that imply it’s okay to take away ‘key instruction time’ from elementary and middle school students?

Well, it’s not okay. I think the curve is now steeper for elementary school students, especially those coming out of half-day Kindergarten, when it comes to learning and mastering Common Core language arts and math. So many kids are struggling. They need the classroom time.

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