Bobby Jindal: Common Core is a Bait and Switch

On Sunday Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallce and called the Common Core State Standards a “bait and switch.”

You can watch here or below:


Governor Jindal: “When it started out it was supposed to be voluntary standards. This was a bait and switch. Race to the Top was never supposed to be about Common Core, and that’s why we are suing the federal government. This is a violation to the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. Existing federal law says that the federal government shouldn’t make curriculum decisions.  My argument is that Arne Duncan has broken federal law in the Race to the Top funding, in the No Child Left Behind waivers, using federal dollars to force states into Common Core; and by the way, I’m still for high standards. I don’t want a one size fits all approach coming out of D.C….

“Chris, even the CEO of PARCC admitted that what gets tested drives curriculum, drives what gets taught in the classroom. I’ve seen it as a parent. My child has brought home the math homework under Common Core. Two and two used to be four, not under Common Core. They made it so complicated. There are a lot of people who have changed their views on Common Core when they see what it has become. I am for high standards, I am for accountability. If this were truly being driven by the states, and we wrote into our MOU with PARCC that they had to follow the state bid law; they didn’t do that, and that’s why we have gone to court. This is becoming a top down approach. Just like Obamacare, we were told you can keep your doctor; you can keep your health plan. We were told this would be a locally driven curriculum. That’s not what it is.  This is a one-sized fits all approach from D.C. We will continue to fight against this.”