Arizona Tests Costs Jump 50% Under PARCC

Just last week the Arizona Department of Education said they were not concerned with the costs associated with Common Core testing.  It’s just money, right?  The Daily Caller reports that some legislators feel differently when they saw that the tests costs will jump by 50% after PARCC released their numbers.

That spending increase is too steep for Arizona taxpayers, said Rep. Doris Goodale, a Republican and chair of the House education committee, in a statement.

“The state I don’t believe could afford that kind of accelerated cost on assessments,” she said in a statement.

Still, state officials working to implement Common Core were pleased that the cost wasn’t even higher. It is unclear whether Gov. Jan Brewer will agree and move forward with the new testing.

I think it’s pretty significant that the House Education Chair is balking at the idea.  Governor Brewer and the Department can be as supportive as they like, but the Legislature controls the purse strings.

PARCC has shored up support from the remaining states – for now.  If two more had dropped out they would have out of compliance.