Arizona Pulls Out of PARCC

Arizona announced on Friday that the state was pulling out of the PARCC consortium.

With the pending release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) from the Arizona State Board of Education for a new statewide assessment that will replace AIMS, Governor Jan Brewer, Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal and State Board of Education President Tom Tyree today announced Arizona’s intent to withdraw from PARCC.

Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards remain intact. Arizona continues to move deliberately towards replacing AIMS with a meaningful state assessment aligned to the new standards.

The state’s withdrawal from the consortium is not a reflection on PARCC, its work, or the quality of the PARCC assessment. The withdrawal is necessary to maintain the integrity of the RFP process. PARCC will  be able to compete for the state’s contract along with any other vendor.

Last week was a lousy week for PARCC.  If I lived in Arizona I would not get excited.  You still have the Common Core (aka Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards) and the state assessment will align to them and could still very well be PARCC.