Americans Are Sick of Standardized Tests

Yesterday I reported at Caffeinated Thoughts on the Gallup/PDK poll that showed only 1-out-of-3 Americans knew anything about the Common Core State Standards.  Not surprising really, well actually the surprising aspect is that it is that high.  Only 45% of public school parents knew – and it is being implemented in their school!  This blows a hole in the common talking point from Common Core advocates that this was a transparent process.

Valarie Strauss at The Washington Post today pointed out that in the same poll Americans say they are also sick of high-stakes standardized testing.  In 2012 a majority approved of them.

*Fewer than 25 percent of those polled believe increased standardized testing has helped the performance of local public schools.

*Fifty-eight percent of Americans polled reject using student scores from standardized tests to evaluate teachers, a big initiative of reformers.

What happened?  The Common Core happened.