A Call for a National Opt-Out of High Stakes Standardized Assessments

The Network for Public Education is calling for a national Opt Out of high stakes standardized testing, supporting the tens of thousands of parents and children nation wide, who will be refusing to participate the annual tests.

Diane Ravitch, who is the President of the board of NPE, explains in a video why parents should have their students opt-out of tests this year.

Also be sure to read W. James Popham’s op/ed in Education Week. He points out that the fatal flaw with educational assessments is that they often use the wrong type of test – ones that focus on comparison.  Popham writes, “tests built chiefly for comparisons are not suitable for purposes of instruction or evaluation of instructional quality in education. These tests provide teachers with few instructional insights and typically lead to inaccurate evaluations of a teacher’s instructional quality.”

2 thoughts on “A Call for a National Opt-Out of High Stakes Standardized Assessments

  1. My daughters school sends a letter home weekly that opting out is not an option. If it is not a test that determines the next grade placement would the student be penalized? How do you stop them from giving them the test besides being absent the day of test taking?

    1. Hi Maria,

      I’d encourage you to check out this website as they have different state laws spelled out so you are aware of your rights, as well as, how best to opt your student out of assessments in your state. http://unitedoptout.com/

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