190,836 Students Opt-Out of New York’s ELA Assessment

A New York-based Opt-Out advocacy group called United to Counter the Core reports that 190,836 students as of the time of this writing opted out of last week’s Common Core-aligned state ELA assessment with just under 76% of school districts accounted for.  This is an major increase from last year with 49,000 students opting out.

The math assessment which starts today with reports from a little more than 19% of school districts counted so far has seen 62,173 students opt-out.

Incredible…. Arne Duncan in the meantime is having a conniption fit.



One thought on “190,836 Students Opt-Out of New York’s ELA Assessment

  1. It’s unconstitutional for the Federal Government to mandate a national curriculum or assessment which is what Arne Duncan is threatening to do.

    Someone needs to clue him in on that.

    Also, what was he going to do? Call in the National Guard?

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