Stop Common Core Warrior, Heidi Huber, Running for Ohio House

heidi-huberHeidi Huber, a respected conservative activist and leader in the fight to stop Common Core, is running against an incumbent State Representative Tom Brinkman (R-Mount Lookout)  in Ohio House District 27 in the state’s upcoming Republican primary on March 15.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports:

Huber is running against the Mount Lookout resident in the Republican primary because, well, she doesn’t think the archconservative Brinkman has been conservative enough on Common Core. It’s not enough to Huber and her Anderson Tea Party supporters that Brinkman has co-sponsored a bill to repeal the controversial education issue and voted for another bill to limit Common Core during his first year back in office.

“There’s more to it than slapping your name on it,” Huber said. “There’s more work to be done.”

You can read Heidi’s statement on Common Core found on her website:

Our current state of affairs is explained in Lincoln’s observation. One’s education is the root source from which all philosophies and positions are derived, yet ironically education fails to dominate political and campaign rhetoric. Education stands apart for many reasons; it is required by the Ohio Constitution, it is a defined state and local function, it is the largest general revenue fund appropriation, and it affects more Ohioans than any other government program.

Education is the direct portal to future workers, consumers and voters, which is why special interests and big government relentlessly seek to control it. Common Core is the capstone of a decades long “education reform” agenda, whose goal is to globalize and corporatize the American classroom. We are witnessing the end of a knowledge and academic content education for the efficiency and profits of a data driven, workforce development system. I believe it is our responsibility to stop this destruction and restore education to its statutorily defined and protected local control status.

Parents are a child’s first educator and are the only people suited to determine their child’s best interest. Any politician or bureaucrat who doesn’t honor a parent’s first and final authority over their child’s education cannot be trusted to protect against the overreach of government in any realm of public policy.

Huber, you may recall, was one of the moms featured in a series of videos released by Parents Against Common Core. You can watch that video below:

Update: Something to consider, and I’m not asking anyone to do this in any official capacity, I just made a donation to Heidi’s campaign and I want to encourage you if you’re interested and able to do the same. You can donate here.

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  1. Interesting story. I like Heidi, and under normal circumstances it would be great to see her in the legislature. However, the incumbent Tom Brinkman is also a strong conservative. Tom has been a steady supporter of pro-family values in the Ohio House, and he deserves another term in office. It’s too bad when one good candidate tries to unseat another.

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