Rand Paul: Common Core, A Key Issue In Differentiating Candidates

rand-paul-education-policyU.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) while in Milford, NH affirmed his position that the Federal government should be out of education policy.  He also noted a divide that currently exists within the Republican Party and the potential the issue of Common Core will play in the race.  He said:

For a long time in the Republican Party, theres been a division—the conservatives have always felt like, we dont want much control of education, very little if any at the federal level. We think education is a state and local issue. But this battle has been fought for several decades now. When Ronald Reagan won in 1980, it became part of the platform that we were actually opposed to the Department of Education. I still am. I think it ought to go back to the states.

But there have always been other members of our party, and when George W. Bush won in 2000, it came out of the platform. And actually under the Republican administration, we doubled the size of the Department of Education, we now have morphed into No Child Left Behind, and now Common Core. This is a deep philosophical divide in the party, and what youll see, and what Im seeing as I go around the country, is that there is a strong—nobody’s directing it from Washington, but everywhere I go, you heard the response to Common Core out here, you hear that response everywhere you go, and its a spontaneous movement that is unhappy about Washington telling them what kind of curriculum they can have in New Hampshire. Im going to continue to fight it, and I think itll end up being a key issue in differentiating candidates.

I’ve said time and again that Common Core provides a wedge issue in the Republican primary race.  It came up in 2012 and that was before Common Core and now the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind blew up as issues.

HT: The Pulse 2016