Matt Bevin Intends to See Common Core Removed from Kentucky Ed Landscape

matt-bevinShortly after I wrote my piece on what seemed to be a conflict of interest for Matt Bevin, the GOP nominee in Kentucky’s Governor’s race, I was contacted by someone I trust who has worked with him directly on his plan to eliminate Common Core in Kentucky.  They were aware of the facts of this claim which they state is baseless.  Through this contact Bevin provided Truth in American Education his statement.

This company is a small, private company that one of my investment funds made an investment in years ago. It was a “start-up” company and sadly, from an investment standpoint, it still essentially is.

The company formed from the effort of two English teachers collaborating to help English and Literature teachers effectively incorporate and administer the use of technology to assess learning in the classroom, something that has apparently been difficult to do in the modern education era, without devaluing literary content or instruction.

At the time the company started, and at the time of my investment, Common Core did not even exist.

This little company has struggled to get off the ground and has never been profitable. Their suite of products have apparently been used both by school systems that are trying to comply with Common Core standards and those that are not trying to comply with those standards.

Ironically, the company was designed to help with assessment by teachers and this has been one of the many weaknesses of CC. I think this is why the company has apparently found itself intertwined with the CC standards. It happens to offer a product that helps with assessment.

My investment in this company is completely illiquid, which means I could not sell it if I wanted to. I truly hope they succeed for many reasons, regardless of who embraces their suite of products. The existence and viability of independent assessment companies are vital to a fluid and autonomous approach to education. Everyone benefits when options and alternative ideas exist beyond the testing giants, and will be especially so as states and districts transition from the monolithic Common Core approach and return to local decision making.

Again, I do not have any involvement with the company beyond an indirect financial investment.

My position on Common Core and its federal encroachment is very public and unequivocal and has never changed. My intent is to see that these standards are removed from the educational landscape in Kentucky.

Matt Bevin – Republican nominee for Kentucky Governor

After reading this I would have to say that I agree the original accusation made by one of his local newspapers is baseless and they didn’t have all of the facts.  If I were a Kentucky resident I would have no problem voting for Bevin.  In Kentucky’s race for Governor Bevin is the only candidate who will move to rid the state of Common Core.  Kentucky friends you should be thrilled that you have a clear choice.