Husted Is Anti-Common Core? Why Did He Support Race to the Top?

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

I wanted to follow-up on the piece I wrote yesterday about the Ohio Republican Gubernatorial primary because I have some additional information.

Congressman Jim Renacci (R-Ohio) accused Secretary of State Jon Husted of supporting Common Core, an accusation which was denied by his campaign. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that his campaign said, “Jon Husted opposes Common Core and as House Speaker, created the first statewide school choice scholarship to help every child have a chance at a quality education.”

Ohio Conservatives for Change (a pro-Husted PAC) called the charge “baseless.” How do they know?

Well, they quoted the same statement from the Husted campaign I cited above.

Words. Rhetoric. How does Husted oppose Common Core? When it comes to fighting Common Core those of us on the front lines are skeptical for a good reason because we’ve repeatedly betrayed.

What has he done? I can tell you something that is on his record.

He supported Race to the Top, the federal grant program that helped to push Common Core onto states.

Here’s the letter he sent in 2009 to Governor Ted Strickland, Ohio Senate President Bill Harris, and Ohio House Speaker Armond Budish as a State Senator. Husted served on the Ohio Senate Education Committee.

Secretary Husted has some explaining to do. Not only did he support Race to the Top he committed to working on two pieces of legislation to help Ohio become eligible to receive the grant. He had to know this grant required the adoption of “college and career-ready standards” of which Common Core was the only game in town to help states receive enough points to qualify.

So sorry if his claim to opposing Common Core (which has come from his campaign apparatus, not the candidate himself) rings hollow.