Hillary Clinton and Common Core

HillaryClintonHillary Clinton announced her Presidential bid yesterday.

So where does the former First Lady, U.S. Senator from New York and Secretary of State stand on the Common Core State Standards?

PBS stated her position on Common Core is unknown.  Education Week noted that it is unclear.  Clinton blasted No Child Left Behind in 2008 (forget the fact she voted for it as U.S. Senator in 2001).

Bob Kellogg at EAGNews.com points out that she was at the center of the Common Core before it was Common Core thanks to a gentleman by the name of Marc Tucker who was famous for a particular letter he wrote to Mrs. Clinton.

The New York Times notes the tension that exists with Clinton’s education policy.  She’s going to have to eventually answer the question, but noting her history I can’t say I’m confident she’ll come out as a local control advocate opposed to Common Core.

8 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton and Common Core

  1. Are you kidding? She has stated in the past that it takes an entire community or nation to raise a child and that the children belong to everyone. She even had nanny’s take care of her own. I find it hard to believe that she would be a local control/parent sympathizer.

  2. Shane, you say this like we would be able to believe her position on CC one way or the other anyway had she actually shown a stance…

    Truthfully, I am still trying to figure out what consequences she faced for using a personal email account and dumping her server. Anyone else find it interesting (CONCERNING!!!) how this little gem seems to have disappeared from the media?

    1. Trying to leave my partisan bent out of the post, but yeah personally I’d have a hard time believing her.

  3. She wrote a book called “It takes a village” that was about children. She will be FOR common core but will likely lie to say she is against it while coming up with a “new” plan that is just CCS renamed.

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