Education Has Come Into Sharp Focus in Presidential Race?

Opening two paragraphs of an op/ed at The Daily Caller by Robert Holland of The Heartland Institute says it all when looking at this presidential race through the lens of education policy:

Now that Mitt Romney has taken a stand for local and parental control of education and against federalized Common Core standards and tests, the issue of education has come into sharp focus in the presidential race.

The distinctions could become even clearer and education might even become a key issue, depending on how the Obama/Romney debates play out beginning Wednesday.

Key phrase – “depending on how the Obama/Romney debates play out.”  I wonder how much, if at all, education will be discussed tonight.  I’m on record not being a great fan of Romney’s education plan as it still exerts far too much federal control.  That said, his position still stands in stark contrast to President Obama’s position – especially in light of Governor Romney’s education remarks last week criticizing the Common Core.

Tonight will be interesting.