David Vitter Releases Anti-Common Core Commercial

U.S. Senator David Vitter (R-LA) is running to replace Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who will step down at the end of his current term due to term limits.  He was initially in favor of Common Core, but changed his mind and led the passage of anti-Common Core legislation in the U.S. Senate.  He has also championed a bill addressing student data privacy as well.  He just released a campaign commercial that highlights his opposition to Common Core.

A Louisiana parent-activist emailed these comments to me along with the link to the video:

Please watch this 30 sec commercial from David Vitter. ¬†I am happy to see just how far Vitter is willing to take a stand with parents on this because taking this sort of action puts him at odds with our very own “Bill Gates,” Mr Lane Grigsby and other moneyed interests pushing CC, who think that our state and our children belong to them. ¬†Nonetheless, please make sure in deciding whether to support Vitter for governor, you ask him “how” he exactly he plans to do all these great things in education and what his plan is to combat the rebrand of Common Core that is currently taking form under this faux review process led by the unqualified John White, who needs to be removed ASAP. ¬†Reagan said trust but verify, so please take this to heart and reach out to Vitter. ¬†I know that my experience thus far has been that he and his staff are very receptive to my concerns and that of others, who are very active in this CC fight; and both he and his staff have been very accessible to us. ¬†And I can say that I have not always been nice, especially initially and that never once stopped him or them from continuing to reach out to me and others. ¬†I appreciate communication, reception and accessibility in a candidate. ¬†I reached out to John Bel Edwards as he is second to Vitter in the polls,¬†requesting to meet with him on CC and other issues and¬†was supposed to be contacted by a scheduler and to date that never happened.
Ask good questions and verify. ¬†I’m not even sure you need to “trust,” but you do need to verify. ¬†It is encouraging to see Vitter move on this issue however, but this parent is right he needs to have a plan to address the rebranding that is going on.

One thought on “David Vitter Releases Anti-Common Core Commercial

  1. Ah, well no. There is no reason to spend time verifying ……… The only candidate in the LA race for gov. who has a solid track record against the CCSS and all of the wretched ed reforms of 2012 is John Bel Edwards. He is the only legislator to stand up and fight all of the ed reforms, including the common core. Vitter is only doing what is politically expedient, since hes’ behind John in the polls. A vote for Vitter is a vote for Jindal on Steroids.

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