Common Core, Fed Ed An Issue in South Carolina Governor’s Race

South Carolina Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant
South Carolina Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant

South Carolina Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant has pledged to oppose Common Core and fight federal education mandates as a candidate for Governor of South Carolina.

He announced his candidacy last week and so far is the only candidate in the race who has signed the “StopFedEd” Pledge from U.S. Parents In Education (USPIE) according to The State.

The pledge on the USPIE website reads:


The Department of Education, created thirty-six years ago, has spent well over a trillion dollars and has not improved public education in our country one bit. If anything, it’s made it worse. 

Most Americans support local control versus federal control, and the federal experiment in education has failed. It’s time to end the failed experiment and return control of our schools to state and local governments where, through innovation and competition, American public education can succeed as it did before the federal government’s micromanagement began. 

It’s time to end the practice of teaching to tests and the seemingly endless collection of student data that intrudes on privacy and only feeds a self-perpetuating industry. 

As ______________________________________________________________ (name the office you seek), I pledge to reject all federal mandates tied to federal funding. I will fight against federally mandated curriculum, standardized tests, and all illegal and unconstitutional mandates from the federal Department of Education. 

Declared candidates in the Republican primary are former Lt. Governor Yancey McGill, incumbent Governor Henry McMaster (who became Governor when Nikki Haley was confirmed as Ambassador to the UN), and Catherine Templeton, former Director of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and former Director of the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.