Anti-Common Core Victories at the State Level

Governor-elect Chris Sununu (R-NH) said Common Core "needs to be scrapped."
Governor-elect Chris Sununu (R-NH) said Common Core “needs to be scrapped.”

Much has been made about what Donald Trump’s election may mean for federal involvement in education, and rightly so. President-Elect Trump has the ability to show real change is coming or if status quo will be maintained when he nominates his Secretary of Education.

That said, what has been under-reported, is the victories that anti-Common Core candidates had at the state level. The 74 points out these changes may represent a greater threat to Common Core than Donald Trump does.

Here is a list of the candidates they highlighted who won on Election Day.

  • Governor-elect Chris Sununu (R-NH) he said during a debate that “Common Core must be scrapped.”
  • Mark Johnson, a Republican who won the North Carolina Superintendent for Public Instruction race, ran on repealing Common Core.
  • North Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest, the state’s leading anti-Common Core voice, won reelection.
  • Governor-elect Eric Grietens (R-MO) said that he opposed Common Core.
  • Four anti-Common Core candidates were elected to the Utah State Board of Education.
  • Elsie Arntzen, a Common Core skeptic, won the Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction race.

This of course does not include any state legislative races. Kentucky’s House of Representatives just flipped Republican so I’m cautiously optimistic that a Common Core repeal can happen since Governor Matt Bevin (R-KY) campaigned on repealing Common Core. Republicans flipped the Iowa Senate and expanded their majority in the Iowa House, but I’m less optimistic that change can happen since Governor Terry Branstad (R-IA) line-item vetoed a bipartisan measure that would have delayed implementation of the Smarter Balanced Assessment. I believe the legislature possibly have the votes to override the Governor’s veto, but I’m not as convinced legislative leadership wants that battle. We’ll see.