And Mitt Romney’s Education Plan Receives a D

By our own Shane Vander Hart

While there are some encouraging aspects to Governor Romney’s plan and I can point to specific improvements over what we currently see in the Obama administration.  The complaint that Obama has expanded federal education bureaucracy, (pg. 13) is countered with slightly less federal bureaucracy.  Given that the principles of federalism are still being ignored, the school choice measures are anemic and there is an over emphasis/reliance on standardized testing I have to give Governor Romney’s K-12 plan a D.  His position on teachers unions, reducing the amount of federal regulations with teacher certification, consolidating teach quality programs from NCLB, and focusing on choice spared this plan from receiving a failing grade.  Governor Romney’s involvement with the common core state standards is uncertain based on his ties with its supporters and his emphasis on standards.  I do hope we see a Romney administration back away from promoting the common core, but at this point I see little that would make me optimistic.

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