Stop CCSSI ToolKit

This helpful ToolKit is a valuable resource that will help you gather information, educate yourself and others and take action in addressing the issues presented on the website. An excellent way to share the Truth in American Education is by having meetings with members of your church, civic clubs, PTO/ PTA groups, tea parties or with friends and neighbors.

The Parent and Community Action Plan provides action points to address your areas of concern:

  • Become knowledgeable and pass information to others.
    • Read and distribute documents and use information as talking points.
    • Download evidence, print copies and send the download link out to others, as well as counter misleading information that promotes CCSS and related issues.
  • Call, write and meet with elected local, state, and national representatives.
  • Contact Congress through the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.
  • Sign up to receive TAE newsletters and alerts.
  • Encourage others to sign up to receive TAE newsletters and alerts.
  • Discuss the issues with other concerned citizens to generate support and build an effective network in opposition to CCSS.
  • Distribute flyers, put up posters and post flyers.
  • Set up an information table at different events.
  • Write letters to the editors of newspapers and websites.
  • Start a letter-writing campaign with others of like mind.
  • Establish a group to speak at events and on the radio.


Read the Counter Manifesto:


Request organizations to pass resolutions to not adopt the CCSS or to rescind decisions already made.  Present resolutions to key decision makers.  Here is a sample of such a resolution.

National Federation of Republican Women Resolution
Defeat National Standards for State Schools

Work for State Legislation:

Work to have your state pass legislation that will delay, limit, revoke, repeal or prevent the adoption and implementation of CCSS, CCSS assessments, SLDS and unacceptable portions of ESEA.

A typical Stop CCSSI program might include these items from our Toolkit:

We are here to help you. Contact the TAE Advocates for information or assistance in addressing any issues.

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