Parent and Community Action Plan

Are you satisfied with the programs in your schools?  If you aren’t, here are some things you may do.

Take Care of Your Child First Do whatever it takes to ensure your child receives a solid education

  • Test your child’s math skills
  • Tutor your child yourself
  • Hire a tutor
  • Enroll your child in a learning center
  • Put your child in a private school
  • Home school your child
    • Single subject, multiple subjects, complete
  • Display and maintain a positive attitude about education
Educate Yourself About the Issues
  • Learn about issues of concern in education
  • Research the literature, talk with people involved, and correspond with others
  • Learn about different education programs
  • Ask questions
At the School Level
  • Become familiar with the textbooks and programs used in your schools
  • Talk with your child’s teacher(s)
  • Talk with the principal
  • Apply/volunteer to serve on school site council
At the School District Level
  • Talk with district personnel—curriculum director, superintendent for elementary schools, middle schools, secondary schools, superintendent
  • Talk with school board members individually
  • Express your concerns at school board meetings
  • Write to your school board members (see related links below)
  • Advocate for rigorous programs
  • Apply/volunteer to serve on textbook adoption or textbook review committee
  • Request adoption of solid programs (recommend specific programs)
  • Request that schools offer a real solid program as an alternative to reform programs if a solid one isn’t in use or adopted
  • Write letters to elected officials and legislators (see related links below)
  • Generate and circulate a petition (click to see sample)
  • Run for a seat on your school board
  • Identify, Endorse, and Campaign for school board candidates meeting your criteria
At the State Level
  • Become familiar with education standards in your state (soon likely to be the CCSS)
  • Learn about your state assessments and the new assessments being developed by the consortia to test the CCSS
  • Advocate for rigorous programs
  • Become familiar with exemplary standards from other states (CA, IN, MA)
  • Write letters to elected officials and legislators (see related links below)
  • Write letters to state board of education members (see related links below)
  • Testify before legislative education committees
  • Testify before state board of education
In the Community
  • Network with other concerned parents & community members
  • Join or start an advocacy group (beware well financially backed pseudo grassroots organizations promoting and supporting a reform agenda)
  • Educate others and bring level of awareness regarding problems
  • Organize a local conference/forum regarding education issues
  • Become familiar with issues, experiences, and efforts in other areas around the country
  • Develop website for local effort
  • Write letters to the editor (see related links below)
  • Inform local media
  • Advocate for rigorous programs
  • If an alternative program is available, let other parents know there is a choice
  • Initiate a petition for a change in adoption or at least a good alternative program (click to see sample)
Other Measures
  • Campaign and vote against school levy and bond issues until desired changes are made
  • Campaign for and elect school board candidates worthy of your support
Delphi Technique Learn to recognize the Delphi Technique and ways to counter it.

Edu-Speak Ever wonder what that school administrator said? Learn to decode the language of the educrats.

Taping Phone Calls and In Person Conversations



Additional Information for Parent Action
Writing Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor
Writing Letters to Elected Officials

Source:  Mathematically Sound Foundation Taking Action

Provided for use here and modified with permission.