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About Truth in American Education

Truth in American Education is a national non-partisan grass roots advocacy organization composed of parents and citizens.

Mission Statement

Truth in American Education’s mission is to address education issues related to: parental rights, local control of schools, and classical liberal arts education.

In pursuit of our mission, Truth in American Education members will research, share information, network, provide mutual support, and actively work towards:

  • Identifying and/or providing resources to support parents in their efforts to protect their rights with regard to directing the education of their children; and
  • Bringing public school control and decision making back to the level of the local school community of parents, with minimal state interference and without federal influence, financial coercion, or regulation; and
  • Promoting a classical liberal arts education to transmit knowledge, culture, and traditions in order that the next generation may develop the wisdom and virtue necessary to be self-governing citizens in a republican government.

Truth in American Education defines parents’ rights as the right and responsibility to make determinations regarding their child’s upbringing and education, including decisions about: academic training, transfer of religious and moral values, and the child’s physical health and mental wellbeing.

We believe regaining local control will require parents, taxpayers, voters, and local officials to stand strong in demanding this constitutionally protected right. We reject the undue influence of corporations, foundations, public/private partnerships, private financial investors, and special interest groups in our public education system.

We believe the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights, as well as U.S. Supreme Court opinions, support and affirm the mission of Truth in American Education.

The mission statement above and the bullet points to address the mission have been established to provide guidance to what and how Truth in American Education addresses issues.

This mission expands Truth in American Education’s focus beyond previous issues addressed related to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS):  the standards themselves, Race to the Top, CCSS assessments, state longitudinal data systems/student privacy, and the reauthorization of NCLB/ESEA.

In the eyes of Truth in American Education, promoting local control involves encouraging parents, taxpayers, voters, and local communities to stand strong in efforts to regain, retain, and exercise rights to make decisions for themselves.  This precludes undue influence by corporations, foundations, private groups, non-elected groups and individuals, and special interest groups.  Legislative mandated local control with established qualifiers or requiring federal approval of such a plan is not acceptable.

A Brief History of Truth in American Education

Truth in American Education was founded in early 2011 when four individuals from across the country with similar concerns connected.  Their interest was in providing information and educating people across the country about the education issues of concern.  There was also an interest in connecting people from across the country to share information about issues and strategies for addressing them.

Truth in American Education’s main focus has been on providing information about and addressing issues related to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), assessments of those standards, student privacy/FERPA/state longitudinal data systems, Race to the Top, and the reauthorization of ESEA/NCLB (now ESSA).  The CCSS has been the common thread in those issues.

The Truth in American Education website was launched in May 2011.  Eventually a network of people from across the country developed.  This network continues to share information and strategies and serve as a resource for others.

In 2018, the Truth in American Education founders approved the mission statement presented above.  This mission statement broadens our focus considerably in a way that encompasses the initial issues of concern.

Here is an image of the initial website banner.

The website banner was changed in April 2013.

The website banner was changed again in late 2014.

The original information provided on the About Us page is below.  Since the website launch in 2011 two brief paragraphs have been added otherwise it stands as it has since Truth in American Education was founded.


Truth in American Education (TAE) is a national, non-partisan group of concerned parents and citizens.  We view educational issues from different perspectives; however, we are in agreement, that the promotion and implementation of elements of the Race to the Top (RTTT) policies are misguided and harmful. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), CCSS assessments, and state longitudinal data systems development along with associated privacy issues are being implemented nationwide with insufficient research-based evidence and insufficient public examination and discourse.

TAE Advocates formed to share information, network with other individuals and groups with similar concerns, identify initiatives that are unnecessarily disruptive, experimental, and without fact-based support, and develop positions related to these issues in the educational interest of our school children The primary focus of TAE efforts is to ensure students succeed by receiving the full benefit of a quality educational experience based on their individual and developmental needs.

Four individuals formed TAE in early 2011 as an information network.  American Principles Project pays for TAE web hosting and domain renewal.  Annually the web hosting costs are approximately $100 and the domain renewal is $14.95.  Other than this, TAE accepts no funds and has no funding source.

TAE is a true grassroots network.  It is not a foundation, a non-profit, or an organization.  TAE has no officers, no employees, no staff, no offices, and no expenses (other than web hosting and domain costs).  TAE has no funds, no budget, no bank account, and no system in place to handle funds. TAE freely provides and shares available information within our extended network and to the public.

 Truth in American Education

Truth in American Education (TAE) shines a beacon of light directly on the government’s behind-the-scenes efforts to drastically alter American education. As taxpayers, parents and concerned citizens, we believe that proper respect for the American people requires that major educational changes be subject to an open and public discussion prior to approval and implementation, not the other way around.

In particular, TAE focuses on the interrelated system of national standards, national curriculum and national testing connected to Washington’s  Race to the Top (RTTT) program, although both the RTTT program and the proposed  reauthorization of the original Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965, whose most recent reauthorization appeared as the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001, also presented historic changes in public education.  The top-down mandates and billions of dollars spent according to the NCLB Act did little to benefit improved education results for all students.

Americans rightly have voiced these concerns that we address:

  • Operating outside of the system of checks and balances that Americans rely on is dangerous to our freedoms.¬†They are an affront to parents‚Äô rights, the 10th¬†Amendment and our tradition of local control over education.
  • The mixing of public, corporate and foundation money without proper accountability is troublesome, as taxpayers contribute a significant portion of education funding.
  • A one-size-fits-all set of national standards, curriculum and testing controlled by a few will affect us all.
  • Impacts to public school, private school and home school education will be felt, as mandates increase and curriculum choices will diminish.
  • Students are not widgets and require individualized learning. More top-down control is not in the best interests of educating individual students.

Truth in American Education provides information to parents, taxpayers, school board members, educators and legislators who are concerned about these issues. At the heart of it, the disposition of these issues will determine whether the federal government and elite, special interest groups have the right to form the hearts and minds of children and whether we will reject, or affirm, the concepts laid down by our founding principles.

Current information about the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI), CCSSI-related assessments, RTTT, privacy issues, state longitudinal data systems (SLDS), and the ESEA is provided for individuals and organizations to understand and to take action on behalf of our students.

The CCSSI is a major connecting thread tying the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), CCSS assessments, RTTT, SLDS, and ESEA together. The assessments developed by two non-public entities, the Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) and the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC), will assess the CCSS.  PARCC and SBAC are funded with RTTT grant funds.  RTTT criteria called for states to adopt common standards and implement longitudinal data systems.  Student assessment data will be included in the state longitudinal data systems (SLDS).  The reauthorization of ESEA/NCLB, A Blueprint for Reform, promotes the adoption of common standards and will require SLDS.

This four-minute video produced by the Heritage Foundation does an excellent job of highlighting loss of local control and other issues related to adoption of the CCSS.

Acronym Decoder

CCSS       Common Core State Standards
CCSSI     Common Core State Standards Initiative
CCSSO   Council of Chief State School Officers
ESEA      Elementary  and Secondary Education Act
NCLB      No Child Left Behind
NGA        National Governors Association
PARCC   Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers
RTTT      Race to the Top
TAE         Truth in American Education
SBAC      SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium
SLDS      State Longitudinal Data Systems