With Huppenthal’s Loss in AZ School Chief Race That Makes Barbarians 3, Educrats 0

Diane Douglas beat pro-Common Core incumbent Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal in convincing fashion 57.78% to 41.50% winning over 66,000 more votes according to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office. The barbarians at the gate crashed through evidently. Huppenthal is the third incumbent state school chief to go down in flames over supporting […]

Common Core as an Election Issue

I spoke with a reporter from Education Week yesterday about the status of different pieces of legislation in different states.  While we’re not seeing repeal bills advance like we’d like to see I’m still encouraged by the number of bills and any movement forward.  Just seeing how this issue has advanced since the last legislative […]

This Wave is Coming to Kill Common Core

Via the Tampa Bay Times – “Common Core curriculum standards spark political firestorm” An excerpt: That wasn’t always the case. When the initiative launched in 2009, lawmakers from both parties, teachers unions, parent groups and business associations supported it. They made the argument that national standards would raise the bar for students across the country […]

Florida Senate President & Speaker of the House Want Out of PARCC

Florida Senate President Don Gaetz and Speaker of the House Will Weatherford want out of PARCC.  I’m not sure how that would work since Florida is the fiscal agent for the consortium. The Tampa Bay Times reports: Senate President Don Gaetz and Speaker of the House Will Weatherford said they were troubled by “serious issues” […]

To Heck With Diamonds, Common Core is Forever

My organization, ROPE, has been closely following the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) cost issue, since NO ONE in charge of public education in Oklahoma – including the purse string holders at the state legislature – have been able to tell Oklahomans what the Common Core will cost Oklahoma taxpayers.  I wrote an article last […]

Indiana Private Schools and PARCC Assessments

A recent story out of Florida involving the former Indiana State Superintendent of Public Instruction, now Florida Commissioner of Education, Tony Bennett illuminates what may very well be a huge problem for some private schools in Indiana down the road. How will they be able to afford the technology upgrades needed for the PARCC assessments […]

Debunking Misconceptions: “The Common Core is State-Led”

I thought that I would start a series on common misconceptions related to the Common Core State Standards.  I don’t know how frequently I’ll come back to this series, but as these misconceptions come up or as I hear them I want to address them.  The first is one that I hear quite frequently and […]

Michelle Malkin is (Almost) Spot On

Michelle Malkin has made the Common Core State Standards the subject of her syndicated column this week which has been published not only on her own website, but at places like Townhall.com and National Review.  Her first article is the first in a series on the Common Core so perhaps she’ll get to it.  She […]

Glenda Ritz’ Opposition to Common Core Highlighted

Since Glenda Ritz is now the Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction-Elect she’ll need to be reminded of what she wrote prior to her election on November 7th.  This is one of the primary reasons Tony Bennett lost. Erin Tuttle at Hoosiers Against Common Core highlighted her position statement: Common Core Standards must be re-evaluated.Indiana had […]

Tony Bennett’s Defeat’s Impact on the Common Core

The education consulting group Whiteboard Advisors recently conducted surveys of 50-75 anonymous political and policy “insiders” before and after the election asking them to weigh in on a variety of issues.  One of the items that caught my eye they asked “How will Tony Bennett’s (the incumbent Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction) defeat impact the […]