Lee County Schools in Florida Votes to Opt-Out of State Mandated Testing

The Lee County School Board voted last night 3-2 to opt their students out of state-mandated testing.  Lee County is in SW Florida and includes the city of Fort Myers.  They are the first school district in Florida to push back against an out-of-control assessment culture in the state that includes means-testing kindergarteners. A local […]

Teacher Support of Common Core Plummets, Public Opposition Grows

Two polls recently came out, and neither brings good news for the Common Core State Standards. Education Next released their poll which I will have to say is garbage when it comes to their national sample.  They have shown for the last two years a majority of Americans support Common Core.  That is an outlier […]

Support for Common Core Plummets with Parents of School-Aged Kids

Rasmussen just released a poll taken June 21-22 of 1000 Americans that shows support for Common Core is plummeting among parents with school-aged children. They found that just 34% of adults with children in elementary or secondary school favor all schools nationwide to meet the Common Core State Standards.  That is a drop of 18% […]

“I Have Successfully Shown I Was The Best Slave”

Interesting article from Pennsylvania about two students decrying the Common Core to their school board. Norristown High School senior Craig Madrak gave a speech decrying the new common core for Pennsylvania public schools when comment was opened up to the public at the Norristown Area School District Board meeting Monday night. The common core is […]

Video: Colbert on Common Core and Robo Teachers

This was too funny not to share:  Video of Stephen Colbert’s segment on Monday about the Common Core is below, as well as, a partial transcript: Here are some excerpts: It’s no secret that America has fallen behind other countries in education… A recent report in Harvard’s Kennedy School found that students in Latvia, Chile […]

Americans Are Sick of Standardized Tests

Yesterday I reported at Caffeinated Thoughts on the Gallup/PDK poll that showed only 1-out-of-3 Americans knew anything about the Common Core State Standards.  Not surprising really, well actually the surprising aspect is that it is that high.  Only 45% of public school parents knew – and it is being implemented in their school!  This blows […]

Oklahoma Pulls Out of PARCC

Oklahoma bails from PARCC joining Alabama and Pennsylvania who also bailed.  What make Oklahoma unique is that they are the first governing state to announce they’ll be leaving the consortium.  Alabama and Pennsylvania were just participating states.  Indiana said they are pulling away from PARCC, but we’re not certain if they will fully pull out […]

8th Grade History Teacher: Stop the Common Core

By C.E. White This week, President Obama will be sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States of America.  As a history teacher, I was elated to learn he would be placing his hand on two Bibles, one belonging to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the other belonging to President Abraham […]

The Anti-Testing Rebellion

Is sweeping the nation.  In Texas 445 school districts have joined together in adopting a resolution calling on their state lawmakers to decrease the emphasis on high-stakes standardized testing.  Robert Scott, the Texas Education Commissioner back in February said that the focus on high stakes testing has become a “perversion” of what policymakers had intended. […]