Preview of Common Core Battle in Florida Legislature


Tampa Bay Times staff writer Jeffery Solochek wrote a brief preview of the Common Core debate to take place in the Florida Legislature next session. Solochek wrote: Lawmakers filed bills in both the House and Senate to halt the standards in 2014, but each died in their first committee without hearing. Gov. Rick Scott and […]

Common Core as an Election Issue

I spoke with a reporter from Education Week yesterday about the status of different pieces of legislation in different states.  While we’re not seeing repeal bills advance like we’d like to see I’m still encouraged by the number of bills and any movement forward.  Just seeing how this issue has advanced since the last legislative […]

Florida to Put Cursive Back in Their Standards

Florida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart said that she would be announcing changes to the Common Core in the coming months.  The changes are a result of Florida Governor Rick Scott ordering public comment on the Common Core when he made the decision to pull the state out of PARCC.  One change will be that the […]

Stotsky Calls For Abolishment of Florida DOE

Sandra Stotsky, former Senior Associate Commissioner of Education in Massachusetts and Professor Emerita at the University of Arkansas, released a statement concerning the upcoming summit called by Florida Governor Rick Scott concerning the Common Core State Standards. Stotsky also served on the Common Core validation committee for the English-Language Arts standards and refused to sign […]

Rick Scott Pulls Florida Out of PARCC

Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) announced today that he is ordering Florida to withdraw from PARCC.    He is also ordering that public comment sessions to be held in order to receive input on any alterations that should be made to the Common Core State Standards.  He is also ordering a data security review and ordering the […]

Common Core Criticized at Defending the American Dream Summit

Americans for Prosperity Foundation held their annual Defending the American Dream Summit in Orlando, FL last Friday and Sunday.  The Common Core State Standards were discussed by a number of the speakers (and by the crowd on occasion). Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) reemphasized his opposition to the Common Core State Standards which you can see […]

Michelle Malkin is (Almost) Spot On

Michelle Malkin has made the Common Core State Standards the subject of her syndicated column this week which has been published not only on her own website, but at places like and National Review.  Her first article is the first in a series on the Common Core so perhaps she’ll get to it.  She […]

Florida Governor Addresses Trinity Christian Academy’s EOC Assessment Problem

Dr. Dennis Robinson, the Headmaster of Trinity Christian Academy in Deltona, FL and President of the Florida League of Christian Schools, emailed me this afternoon to let me know his guidance counselor received a response about the end-of-course assessment debacle from Florida Governor Rick Scott via the Florida Department of Education: Dear Ms. Hellender: Governor […]