Jeb Bush Will Go Down Swinging on Common Core

Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC-By-SA 2.0)

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush defended the Common Core State Standards in his keynote speech at the Foundation for Educational Excellence’s National Summit on Education Reform yesterday.  He’s the only prospective Republican presidential candidate to do so.  He are a few things he said about Common Core. This is why the debate over the Common […]

Only 26% of Ohio Voters Support Common Core


This week the Columbus Dispatch released a poll that shows the Common Core has little support among Ohio voters.  The poll of 1,185 registered voters has a +/- margin of error of 2.7 %. They asked the question of those surveyed, “from what you know, do you support or oppose the Common Core educational standards […]

How Common Core and The New SAT Lower College Standards in the U.S.


Pioneer Institute released this week another white paper.  The paper entitled “The Revenge of K-12: How Common Core and the New SAT Lower College Standards in the U.S.” was authored by Richard Phelps and James Milgram. Pioneer’s description of the paper: This white paper presents evidence that Common Core math standards’ (CCMS) weak Algebra II […]

NEA Calls for Arne Duncan’s Resignation

Arne Duncan has made a strategic mistake

Over the Independence Day weekend the Representative Assembly at the National Education Association’s (NEA) annual convention held in Denver approved a resolution that called for U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s resignation. Daily Caller has more: Another major factor behind the newly intense hostility to Duncan was his response to the Vergara v. California court ruling […]

Cogs in the Machine: Big Data, Common Core, and National Testing


Pioneer Institute released another White Paper by Emmett McGroarty (Director of APP Education, American Principles Project), Joy Pullmann (managing editor of School Reform News and Research Fellow, Heartland Institute), and Jane Robbins (Senior Fellow, American Principles Project). Their synopsis: New technology allows advocates for education as workforce development to accomplish what has long been out […]

NGA Chair Gov. Mary Fallin Target of Campaign to End Common Core


American Principles Project, Eagle Forum, Concerned Women for America, Home School Legal Defense Association and several other grassroots conservative groups launched a campaign urging the Chair of the National Governors Association, Governor Mary Fallin (R-OK), to end the Common Core State Standards Initiative.  The NGA, along with the Council of Chief State School Officers, are […]

How Common Core Damages Poetry Instruction


April is National Poetry Month, but poetry is not well addressed in Common Core’s English language arts standards.  It’s unclear whether the genre will survive a Common Core-based English classroom given the dramatic reduction in time spent on literary texts implicitly mandated by these national standards, and the ambivalence, if not hostility, of the standards […]

Pioneer Institute: Setting the Record Straight on Common Core (Part 1)


In Part One of this series, Pioneer Institute Executive Director Jim Stergios talks about the basis for education reform in Massachusetts, and how that state-driven success model differs from Common Core national education  standards. He corrects some of the myths about Common Core, drawing on Pioneer Institute’s extensive research to show that the national standards […]

Lowering the Bar: How Common Core Math Fails to Prepare High School Students for STEM


(Boston, MA) National mathematics standards adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia that supporters say are designed to make high school graduates “college- and career-ready” and improve the critical science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) pipeline do not prepare students to study STEM or even be admitted to a selective four-year college, according […]