Who is In and Who Is Out of Common Core Assessment Consortia

Students in Computer Lab --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

The Common Core Assessment Consortia count: Smarter Balanced – 22 members, PARCC – 14 members, with 17 states not belonging to either consortia.

What Assessment Is Louisiana Taking? It’s Not PARCC


Mercedes Schneider wrote a good piece on Friday that points out that Louisiana State Superintendent of Education John White says Louisiana is taking the PARCC assessments, but there is no way the state could possibly be administer PARCC. An excerpt: It is clear that Pearson is responsible for the PARCC assessments. It is also clear on […]

Robo-grading PARCC

Politico Morning Edition yesterday had a follow up to Pearson’s development of a computer algorithm that would grade the essay section of the PARCC assessment.  The vote on whether to approve Pearson’s plan has been delayed.  Inquiring minds want to know why and inquiring minds were left to inquire.  PARCC is not extremely forthcoming with […]