Obama Brags About ObamaCore in State of the Union Address

President Barack Obama discussed education in his State of the Union Address last night.  Here are his remarks preK-12 education below: …But none of it will matter unless we also equip our citizens with the skills and training to fill those jobs. And that has to start at the earliest possible age. You know, study […]

Indiana Republican Assembly Endorses Repeal of Common Core State Standards

BEECH GROVE, INDIANA, January 22, 2013 — The Indiana Republican Assembly (INRA) rejects the lowered standards for Indiana schoolchildren developed by Washington-based interest groups and pushed by the Obama administration. We endorse Indiana State Senator Scott Schneider’s effort to repeal Indiana’s ill-adopted Common Core State Standards and replace them with Indiana produced standards. Senator Schneider […]

Arne Duncan in a Second Obama Term

Over at EdWeek Michele McNeil wrote about five issues facing Education Secretary Arne Duncan going into a 2nd Obama term.  I wanted to highlight three of them: First the strings that came along with the No Child Left Behind waivers… Waivers: His crew has approved No Child Left Behind flexibility applications for 34 states plus […]