Michelle Malkin is (Almost) Spot On

Michelle Malkin has made the Common Core State Standards the subject of her syndicated column this week which has been published not only on her own website, but at places like Townhall.com and National Review.  Her first article is the first in a series on the Common Core so perhaps she’ll get to it.  She […]

Hoosier Newspapers Point Out Common Core Critique

The first is an op/ed from the South Bend Tribune written by Joy Pullman.  Pullman is managing editor of School Reform News and a research fellow in education at The Heartland Institute. She writes: Superintendent Tony Bennett is likely to win re-election this fall. But as he campaigns these last few weeks, Bennett would be […]

We Need More School Board Candidates Like This

Glenna Jehn, a candidate for the Ft. Wayne (IN) Community School Board wrote an op/ed in the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette entitled “State must reject federal takeover of schools.” She writes: As a FWCS school board candidate, I am listening with great interest to the presidential debates. When President Obama touts “education reform in 46 […]

Hess: Common Core Odds Not Looking Good

Frederick Hess, executive editor of Education Next, wrote on his personal blog about the ominous political trend for the Common Coreites.  It seems as though they are unaware of the trouble ahead.   He writes about the involvement of the Obama administration which has muddied the waters, the lack of enthusiasm by most Republicans except a […]

Local Control = Real Freedom

I was shocked – SHOCKED to read this in a newspaper editorial because most have, by and large, embraced the centralization of education at the state and federal levels.  I almost wanted to cry, ok I’m exaggerating, but it is great to see that the editorial board of The Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel gets it. An […]

Indiana Economic Digest: Common Core State Standards is heavy on the ‘Common’

Heather Crossin who is a member of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, and Jane Robbins, a senior fellow with American Principles Project, had an op/ed published for the Indiana Economic Digest.  Below is an excerpt: Part of the mantra recited by proponents of the national-designed Common Core State Standards, endorsed in concept by both Gov. […]

Time, Time, Do They Really Need More Time?

In preparation of a new school year which is fast approaching, and along with that comes new legislative sessions with gubernatorial education agendas I thought I’d address the issue of time. Do public schools really need more time with our kids?  Should the state mandate that for local school districts (and by default public school […]

Tea Party Rising in Indiana Against Common Core

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett are pushing in favor of the Common Core State Standards even though embracing them undermines the conservative principles they say they hold.  That isn’t even to mention that several critics (including one common core supporter) have noted that Indiana is swapping out superior […]