Indiana Legislature Playing Monday Morning Quarterback?

The Times of Northwest Indiana wrote an editorial Sunday opining that the Common Core State Standards not be set aside even though the implementation was paused. Indiana has reset the clock on joining the Common Core Standards initiative, with the Legislature overruling the State Board of Education and delaying implementation by at least one year […]

Indiana Anti-Common Core Bill on the Move

Yesterday in the Indiana Senate Education Committee, Senator Scott Schneider successfully attached his language to a House bill, HB1427.  To read the coverage of the Senate Education Committee’s action click here. Sen. Scott Schneider, R-Indianapolis, who authored the original Common Core bill, says despite Behning’s objections, he thinks the full House will back his plan. […]

Indiana Bill Will Mandate Assessment and Public Input of Common Core

The Indianapolis Star spun yesterday’s vote on SB 193 in the Indiana Senate Education and Career Development committee as a sign that the state will likely keep the Common Core State Standards. I disagree.  This coming Tuesday the full Indiana Senate will vote on the bill.  This is an extraordinary vote because no such vote […]

Indiana Parents, Teachers Rally Against Common Core Standards

The ABC affiliate in Indianapolis covered the Indiana Senate Education Committee hearing on the Common Core State Standards yesterday… They did a better job reporting on this than The Indianapolis Star which made no mention of the experts who came to testify against the Common Core and the hundreds of people who came to rally […]

Indiana’s Anti-Common Core Bill

Erin Tuttle at Hoosiers Against Common Core announced that the Indiana Senate Education Committee will be voting on a bill on January 16th co-authored by State Senators Scot Schneider and Dennis Krause.  Embedded below is a draft of the bill. Indiana’s Anti-Common Core Bill We’ll be watching this vote closely.