The Common Core Needs Unicorns and Rainbows

I had to shake my head reading a piece by Stephanie Simon at Politico entitled “Moms winning the Common Core war.”  The first statement that jumped out at me. But in a series of strategy sessions in recent months, top promoters of the standards have concluded they’re losing the broader public debate — and need […]

This Common Core Critic Is Still Charged Up

On April 14, American Enterprise Institute’s Rick Hess and Mike McShane charged me in a blog on National Review Online with not coming up with “next steps” to “repeal and replace” for states that want to restore academic integrity to their K-12 curriculum in English language arts and mathematics. I’m almost but not quite exhausted […]

Who Is Winning the Common Core War? Citizens Are.

Anne Gassel and I presented at the Constitutional Coalition Common Core conference this weekend and my speech was about the importance of social media to present the facts (not paid propaganda) about Common Core.  I encouraged attendees to utilize social media to share messages of how CCSS was adopted/implemented while circumventing legislatures and voters, reveal […]

Wait! Weren’t We Told the Common Core Was Initiated By “The States”?

We’ve been told by Common Core advocates that they were developed by “the states.”  The Huffington Post on Friday published a defense of the Common Core, and they have a historical overview of the Common Core’s development.  We learned fascinating things about how Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday agonized over how to accomplish his state […]

Governors and State Education Leaders Did Not Write the Common Core

I had to shake my head reading an article in The Washington Post.  It highlights Randi Weingarten’s schizophrenic approach to the Common Core State Standards – on one hand she says the implementation of the Common Core is more disastrous than Obamacare’s implementation, but she wants Governors to stand by it. It’s amazing what a […]

David Coleman 2 Years Ago: We Were a Collection of Unqualified People

There is video of a speech that David Coleman gave at 2011 Institute for Learning Senior Leadership Meeting that is now making the rounds on Facebook.  First we see a *ringing* endorsement of Coleman given by Lauren Resnick (who is the co-director of the Institute of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh) as she introduced […]