Jeb Bush Will Go Down Swinging on Common Core

Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC-By-SA 2.0)

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush defended the Common Core State Standards in his keynote speech at the Foundation for Educational Excellence’s National Summit on Education Reform yesterday.  He’s the only prospective Republican presidential candidate to do so.  He are a few things he said about Common Core. This is why the debate over the Common […]

Smarter Balanced Has Lots of Room for Improvement


Doug McRae is a retired educational measurement specialist who has served as an educational testing company executive in charge of design and development of K-12 tests widely used across the United States, as well as an adviser on the initial design and development of California’s STAR assessment system.  He’s knows just a little something about […]

Alabama Baptists Call for Common Core Repeal


Last year the Alabama Baptist Convention passed a resolution that stopped short of calling for the repeal of the Common Core State Standards.  At this year’s annual meeting they passed a resolution that called for a full repeal.  The convention that met last week at Lakeside Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL passed the resolution without […]

Scott Walker Continues Call for Common Core Repeal in Wisconsin

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker reiterated his call to see Wisconsin have their own standards.  Common Core became a wedge issue between Walker and his Democrat challenger Mary Burke. USA Today reported last week: “One of the things I mentioned throughout the campaign that I wanted to do early on is an overall education reform package,” […]

Tennessee Common Core Replacement Bills Filed


Yesterday there were two Common Core bills filed in the Tennessee Legislature.  State Senator Dolores Gresham (R-Somerset) introduced SB 4, that would create a Tennessee Standards Commission who would develop new standards that would then be voted on by the Tennessee State Board of Education.  The bill looks similar to North Carolina’s recent bill that […]

Common Core Contracts Are Lucrative


The Wall Street Journal reports about the haggling over Common Core contracts as they are quite lucrative. Excerpt: As states race to implement the Common Core academic standards, companies are fighting for a slice of the accompanying testing market, expected to be worth billions of dollars in coming years. That jockeying has brought allegations of […]

White vs. Petrilli


Jenni White, President of Restore Oklahoma Public Education debated Michael Petrilli, President of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute at an event entitled, “Common Core Chaos?”  The debate was held on November 11th at the Oklahoma Wesleyan University campus in Bartlesville.  If you missed it you can watch the video below, you can read Jenni’s opening […]

Bill Filed in Kentucky House to Repeal Common Core and NGSS


Kentucky State Representative Thomas Kerr (R-Taylor Mill) prefiled a bill in the Kentucky House back in September that would repeal the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards in the state of Kentucky. Here is the language of the bill.  AN ACT relating to public school standards. Create a new section to KRS […]

Resounding Books Releases Common Ground on Common Core

Kirsten Lombard

Resounding Books officially announced publication of Common Ground on Common Core an 18-essay volume from twenty top education experts and activists.

An Ohio Parent Seeks to ‘Strike’ Over Common Core


The Medina Gazette reports that a parent in their community plans to withdraw her student from her public elementary school over Common Core and she hopes other parents will do the same. Rene Antonio, of Harrisville Township, plans to withdraw her second-grade daughter from Cloverleaf Elementary School on Dec. 15 and she’s hoping other parents […]