“I Have Successfully Shown I Was The Best Slave”

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Interesting article from Pennsylvania about two students decrying the Common Core to their school board.

Norristown High School senior Craig Madrak gave a speech decrying the new common core for Pennsylvania public schools when comment was opened up to the public at the Norristown Area School District Board meeting Monday night.

The common core is a new standardization of public education that was initiated statewide by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Madrak, who has a high rank at the top of his class, called standardization into question. “I have successfully shown that I was the best slave… Our education system is based on outcome; students must meet this outcome or they are viewed as failing.”

According to Madrak, the system is flawed. “The standards set are not of education and academics, but of indoctrination and conformity,” Madrak said. “They conform to policy rather than pursue their passion… teachers are instructed to force students to regurgitate information rather than to assimilate concepts.”

Madrak was followed by fellow Norristown senior Miranda Cravetz, who Madrak credited with the inspiration to his critique of standardization. Cravetz gave a short summary of the source of Madrak’s speech, citing a social studies essay prompt as being responsible for the denunciation. She went on to urge the removal of standardized institutionalization.

Cravetz was not only at the board meeting to denounce standardization, however — she was also present to be honored by the board for her performance on a standardized test.

Money quote: “I have successfully shown that I was the best slave.”  Heh, hate the game, but play it well.  He’s spot on that teachers are instructed to force students to regurgitate information rather than to assimilate concepts.  That is what an assessment culture leads to.

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  1. Recynd says:

    I wonder what’s going to happen when more and more students start speaking out against being forced into a box (or if they will even notice). Once they start thinking, there will be no end to it–viva la revolucion!