APIA Blasts Congressional Leadership for Attempting to Ram Child Data Collection Bill Through Congress

Washington, D.C.–American Principles in Action is calling on Congress to oppose S.227, the Strengthening Education through Research Act (SETRA), which would violate the privacy of millions of students and parents. SETRA is scheduled to be voted on Wednesday, February 25th in the U.S. House—even though the Senate has not yet voted on the bill. Congressional […]

David Coleman Lauds the Use of Student Data

David Coleman, President of the College Board and “chief architect” of the Common Core State Standards, spoke at the Annual Strategic Data Project (SDP) Beyond the Numbers Convening hosted by the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University.  The theme was “from the classroom to the boardroom: analytics for strategy and performance.”  He lauded […]

What 400 Data Points?

If you’re wondering what some opponents of the Common Core State Standards are talking about when they refer to 400 Data Points when discussing the potential data mining problems with the Common Core Assessments – you are not alone. Here are a couple of links. The first is from the National Center for Education Statistics.  […]

Data Mine Students to Measure Grit?

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology published a report back in February entitled “Promoting Grit, Tenacity and Perseverance: Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century.”  From the executive summary: How can we best prepare children and adolescents to thrive in the 21st century—an era of achievement gaps that must be closed […]

Data Tracking and the Common Core

One of the things that isn’t being discussed enough, but is getting attention is how data tracking of students is connected to the Common Core.  It isn’t just assessment scores.  Joy Pullman pointed that out in her article last week on data mining: The department is also funding and mandating databases that could expand each […]

The U.S. Department of Education’s Data Mining Efforts

The U.S. Department of Education is investigating how public schools can collect information on “non-cognitive” student attributes, after granting itself the power to share student data across agencies without parents’ knowledge. The feds want to use schools to catalogue “attributes, dispositions, social skills, attitudes, and intrapersonal resources, independent of intellectual ability,” according to a February […]

Schools Aren’t Just Supposed to Mass Produce Workers?

The mantra of advocate of the Common Core and many education reformers has been an emphasis on “career readiness.”  Then you have data collection going on in schools to be shared with the Department of Labor and it all begins to seem rather Orwellian.  I’m personally concerned that such an emphasis on STEM could lead […]

A New Type of Student Privacy Invasion

Introducing E-Textbooks that can report on a student’s reading habits.  Marc Perry blogs at Wired Campus on this new fad at some colleges. CourseSmart, which sells digital versions of textbooks by big publishers, announced on Wednesday a new tool to help professors and others measure students’ engagement with electronic course materials. When students use print […]

Student Data Mining, How Much Data Is Enough?

Restore Oklahoma Public Education released their report about Oklahoma’s P20 council which is a follow-up to an earlier paper they wrote that analyzed recent education reforms and how they impacted student privacy (see below).  How Much Data is Enough Data? What happens to privacy when bureaucracies exceed their scope? Here is the earlier paper. An […]