Technology Requirements for Common Core Assessments Released, But Not Costs

The Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) released their technology requirements last week.  The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC)  released theirs earlier this month.  Both are noticeably quiet on the costs. Here are the five recommendations made by SBAC: Move away from Windows XP (which is currently used by more […]

“Supplement, Not Supplant” Requirement Leaves States in a Bind

Unintended consequences, they always exist with well-meaning, but poorly thought out plans.  The NCLB waivers and the Race to the Top funds are no different.  It’s something we have warned about.  These new policies that states put in place in order to satisfy the requirements to apply for either the waiver or the funds will […]

Education Without Representation

Sherena Arrington with the Georgia Public Policy Foundation wrote a great piece entitled, “An Uncommon Approach to Costly Common Core Education Standards.” One comment that I hear a lot from those who push the Common Core is that it is an initiative of the states.  Ms. Arrington addresses that: Two organizations take credit for developing […]

Common Core Standards Cost Exceeds RTTT Stimulus Funds

The Obama Administration spent an unprecedented $4.35 billion in Stimulus money to create an incentive for states to join the Common Core Standards and compete in the Race to the Top competition. All but five states (Virginia, Texas, Nebraska, Alaska, and Minnesota) jumped on the Common Core bandwagon, salivating for an outsized piece of the $4.35 […]