Common Core Headaches: Not Enough Resources for Implementation

Via Politico from yesterday: Many of the states phasing in Common Core are finding that they don’t have enough staff — or cash — to train teachers, develop new curriculum materials or support online assessments aligned to the standards, according to a report due to be released today by the Center on Education Policy at […]

NASBE Bought and Paid For

Well you have to appreciate that the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) is open and honest about being bought off.  From a presser they just sent out yesterday: ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 6 – Even as most states work hard to implement the Common Core State Standards in math and English language arts, […]

Mississippi Will Struggle With Common Core Implementation

I had written earlier that Arizona has funding issues with the Common Core.  Iowa’s Department of Education doesn’t even have statutory authority to implement the SBAC tests.  Now The Sun Herald in Biloxi, MS reports that schools in Mississippi will have a hard time with implementation: All U.S. students in second through 12th grades, under […]

Common Core Has Funding Issues In Arizona

Here is where the Common Core State Standards are very much at risk of becoming undone.  State Boards and Departments of Education rushed to adopt them, but they’re not the ones paying for it.  Arizona is having problems with the bottom line.  I doubt they are alone. From The Arizona Republic: Arizona leaders have called […]

Common Core Math Standards Making the Simple Complicated

Barry Garelick wrote at The Atlantic about the Common Core Math Standards.  Basically he says that kids are required not to just learn how to make a calculations, but also how to explain why they are doing so.  The standards actually elevate this above learning how to solve math problems.  Garelick points out a couple […]

Common Core Propaganda: Who Created the Standards Exactly?

Propaganda has accompanied the Common Core State Standards, but now they are being implemented expect it to come out even more.  I wanted to point out an example that was emailed to me yesterday.  From a piece written by Cammy Harbison at  She writes about the benefits of the common core state standards, and […]

Should Teachers Be the Only Ones to Own Education Standards?

John Ewing writing at Education Week seems to think so. Or was it? After two decades of standards, we still wring our hands about student declines, unfocused curricula, and dreadful textbooks. There is little evidence that previous standards substantially improved education, and the fact that we continually replace old standards with new does not suggest […]

Now We See How A Common Core Failure Will Be Spun

Blame the teachers… via EdWeek’s Andrew Ujifusa reporting from the Education Commission of States policy meeting that was held in Atlanta last week: Zimba fended off a question from an audience member about whether the common core had been comprehensively tested in the field by saying the common core is the result of a decade-long […]

About Those NCLB Waivers…

From some who thought the No Child Left Behind waivers were going to ease the reporting burden on states who receive them… think again.  From EdWeek: The Education Department is in the process of changing its requirements for the federal EDFacts system, which consolidates data from various education programs including Title I grants to districts […]